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Aili Seghetti

Aili Seghetti

Head Curator


I am a relationship reinvention specialist who has played the role of a serial dater, mistress, girlfriend and bride.

I believe experience is the best teacher and that’s why I am now ready to curate your intimate life.  My expertise lies in altsex, kink lifestyles and subcultures experiences that I have accumulated through a lifetime of curiosity, trial and error. This includes not just technical knowledge about kamasutra positions and sex toys but also boundary setting, nurturing, and grieving from heartbreak, infedelity and marriage break up.

I am not going to judge you if you are different, I know well what it means. I have years of growing up experience as an outsider in a mix of European cultures and over a decade of lived experiences in South Asia as a racially different outsider.

I am a trained Somatica Method coach, a Vipassana practitioner and hold a certificate in Orientation to Psychotherapy and Facilitation.

I am anonymous, private but pleasure loving.