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Self discovery through intimacy
The Principles
Relationships with other human beings are the most difficult parts of our lives because there is so much pleasure and pain attached to them
To be intimate with someone is to allow that person into a state of physical or emotional oneness with us, whether for an hour or a lifetime
The exciting part is that when you want to date, be intimate or have a relationship with someone, you are actually looking for a deeper, more exciting or more fulfilling connection with your own self
Intimacy Curation is about discovering the innermost you by understanding your unique background, values, desires and relating styles. It has to be curated for you because you are unique and so is the way you relate to other people
It is about finding the right tools, experiences and expertise that will support your personal journey of self growth and intimacy


The Intimacy Curator follows a set of principles to achieve self discovery

The Principles
Touch, visualisation and breathwork exercises that will stimulate your biological responses and directly target negative sensations, thought patterns, unfulfilled desires and insecurities stored in your neurobiological system. Somatic practices and customised breathworks will ensure that both mind and body are engaged.
Strategies to connect with people who are part of your dating and intimacy worlds. Whether through eyes, touch or words, communication helps us express our feelings and desires. Effective communication translates into knowing how to ask for what we want, understanding other people’s needs and creating more fulfilling intimacy experiences.
Realistic milestones you want to achieve with respect to dating, intimacy and relationships. Discovering your core desires gives meaning and purpose to your intimacy world. However, your desires are often in conflict with those of our culture, partner, family and the society you live in. Navigating the conflict means finding achievable and realistic goals that coexist with your desires and the world you relate to.

Dating, intimacy and relationship coaching is not psychotherapy. An Intimacy Curator is not a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed social worker, or licensed marriage and family therapist. An Intimacy Curator does not offer therapy, psychotherapy, or medical advice but can direct you to professionals in these fields upon assessment.

The Heart of the Method


The Somatica® Method is a pleasure centric, interactive and experiential method based on up-to-date neuroscience research about how people learn, connect and experience personal growth.

During experiential sessions clothes remain in place and we together experience: breath, eye contact, different types of touch of non sexual organs, holding and cuddling.

We use visualization and breathing techniques to connect with the body, sensations, feelings and fantasies. This embodied mindfulness and inner reality activation offers a direct path to improve self-awareness, transform old patterns and habits, regulate emotions, and improve the quality of our intimacy.

Your privacy is very important to us. All the sessions are private, anonymous and confidential.

We expect the same of you. You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement upon the first meeting.

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