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People leading your journey to intimacy and self discovery
Aili is a relationship reinvention specialist, an intimacy coach as well as the founder of The Intimacy Curator. Her expertise lies in altsex, kink lifestyles and subcultures experiences.

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Head Curator
Akshay is a dating surrogate, kink mentor and creative head. He curates events and media for the brand and played an integral part in the development of TIC’s Dating Surrogacy™ method, an experiential path to navigate skills in connection, flirting, seduction and intimacy with a surrogate partner.
Experience Curator & Surrogate Date
Zoe energy healer, and yoga instructor, is a 22 year trained Remedial Therapist. Her current focus is Reiki, Integral sound healing, and mindful meditation, in balancing the body’s biofield and human resonance

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Remedial Therapist
Gayathri RN is a queer writer, editor, and poet. She is best described as a ‘content witch’, constantly searching for new forms of media that asks the big questions about life.

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Gayathri RN
Content Witch
Master Peter is a 10 year experienced professional Dominant, coach, educator and expert in kink and consensual BDSM. He is the winner of Best Master, UK Fetish Awards 2020.

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Master Peter
BDSM Specialist
June is a queerfeminist working on the ground for LGBTQ rights. Consent is the cornerstone of her work and she focuses on individual dignity and equity for all.

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Enthusiastic Consent &
Non-Monogamy Expert
Joanna is a sex and intimacy coach for women. She has been trained in the Somatica method and she specialises in women’s orgasm and pleasure.

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Joanna Stone
Female Orgasm Curator
Anchal is passionate about guiding women to fall in love with themselves. She has worked with Tantra, Tao and Shamanism practices and is also a Certified Counsellor, Art Therapist and an ISTA Graduate.

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Integrated Sexuality Coach
Shruta is Research Manager at Humsafar Trust and specialises in HIV and STIs research and education and LGBTQIA health and rights.
HIV and STI Guidance
The Humsafar Trust
Bee styles people and delicious sexy meals. She is a stylist, a chef and her expertise in grooming, fashion, food and queer culture, guides people in making the right lifestyle choices.

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Lifestyle Curator
Priyanka understands the ins and outs of big families. She’s a global cultural strategist who identifies behavioural patterns and opportunities and is a pro in bringing people in a room together to facilitate cooperation.
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Priyanka Bhansali
Joint Family Hacker
Sidra takes make up and style very seriously. She is make up artist, designer and the creator of Make Up Mafia. She specialises in bridal make up and making the world look much more beautiful.

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Make Up Mafia Sidra Aamer
Beauty Curator
Raman has a passion for matching people by looking at their birth charts. He has been a consulting astrologer for over a decade and specializes in winning couples and stocks.

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Raman Bhope

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