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Remedial Therapist


Zoe energy healer, and yoga instructor, is a 22 year trained Remedial Therapist. Her current focus is Reiki, Integral sound healing, and mindful meditation, in balancing the body’s biofield and human resonance.

“I will introduce healing that is non-invasive and nurturing to the energy biofield of the body. Through the use of sound vibrations, pranayama, and movement, I work toward facilitating you to open the sacral chakra, which plays a key role in how we connect with our feelings and enjoyment of pleasure. It awakens our authenticity, true sexual desires and expression of our sexuality, sensuality, sexual needs. My workshops and coaching will cover healing energetically from past trauma, ways to awaken the sacral energy, and movements to connect the body and mind. All of this is driven through grounding, centering, mindful self-care, and validation of being seen and heard.”