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Our events are only for members 

Our ‘E’vents are not for anyone and everyone.


To participate to an event you will have to:

Apply by booking a vetting call through the link below

Pay an application fee of 800 Rs



If you FAIL the vetting call, you will have to:

Attend a PAID masterclass on: STIs, consent, safe kink, gender identity, ACE-ARO spectrums and consensual non-monogamy

Pass a written test

ONLY AFTER PASSING THE VETTING you will be offered a yearly membership for an additional 3,000 Rs

You can then avail of a 25% off on any services, workshops and event tickets we offer


Your membership will no guarantee entry to the events.

You will only allowed to participate if you familiarise yourself with the Event Rules below. You will be asked at the door about these rules.

TIC Socials

TIC Socials are networking events for Alt folks. Whether you’re Kinky, Poly, Asexual, or Queer, we’ve got something special for everyone: games, ice breakers, and ‘activities’. Be ready to wear 1, 2 or all TIC stickers in you identify as everything!

Soul Mating

A dating event for those looking for long lasting relationships. During the event we engage participants through games to understand their attachment styles, personality traits, values, goals, interests as well as fears. Participants are given homework before the event and then clustered based on their personalities, sexual, gender and relationship styles. They are then given conversation starters and board games specially designed to find out long term compatibility.

Ishq Map

An event for couples who are interested in discovering their erotic styles, dispositions and what really turns them on. During the event participants will be taken through the four primary rooms of Pyaar (romance), Rohani (spiritual), Junoon (passion), Badnaami (kink)using the pillars of erotic energy: eye contact, breath, touch, words and action. Scripts and scenes available in each room for inspiration


A female dominated experience where those who identify as women are glorious and always in control. All orientations and genders are welcome but all scenes must be femme led. There will be a set-up of multiple chambers that will cater to different fantasies. From school principal’s office, to an operation chamber, to dungeon, or  jail, participants will be given the opportunity to play potential femme led positions of power


Ladies Lounge

An electrifying event dedicated to indulging in the pleasures of sapphic s*nsuality and er*ticism, all within the comforting embrace of a safe and inclusive environment.

“Sapphic” refers to femmes attracted to other femmes whether they identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans, masc, or any diverse identity falling within the spectrum.

Get ready to unleash your inner goddess and embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and empowerment like never before. At the heart of our event lies a commitment to celebrating sapphic pleasure, education, exploration, and entertainment.

Whether you identify as a woman or a sapphic non-binary individual, aged 21 and above, from any and all walks of life, you are warmly invited to join us for an afternoon filled with laughter, learning, and liberation.

Here’s a sneak peek into what awaits you at the Ladies Lounge🌹

– Pleasure Speed Dating Zone: Are you curious to meet new friends or potential playmates? Dive into our Pleasure Speed Dating Zone, where sparks fly and connections are made in a playful and respectful atmosphere.

– Power Play Area: For those daring souls eager to explore the realms of Impact Play and Bondage, our Power Play Area offers a safe and supportive space to learn under the watchful eye of experienced facilitators.

– Pleasure Mapping Corner: Ever wondered how different types of sensations can ignite pleasure within your body? Explore the art of pleasure mapping and unlock the secrets to your own unique desires

– Human Installations & Performances: Prepare to be mesmerized by captivating displays of femme play, artistry, and expression.

– Boudoir Booth: Strike a pose and celebrate the beauty of your sapphic form in our enchanting Boudoir Booth. Whether you’re flaunting your curves or capturing your sultry side on camera, let your confidence shine as you embrace your erotic essence.

– Aftercare Area: A sanctuary of tenderness and compassion where you can replenish

Monogamy Disrupted: The Ball

An event for couples, individuals and polycules who are curious about swinging. Swaps will be facilitated through masked dancing where participants will have an opportunity to explore physical and psychological compatibility. The various music genres will give the opportunity to gage movement and also have quick flirtatious conversations.

Vanilla Disrupted

A community event for those who are either kinky or curious about kinks, fetishes and BDSM. The purpose of the event is to create a safe, non-judgmental space where people from the kink community can come and be themselves.

What to expect:
💘Pick & Play speed dating
🧞‍♂️Best Dressed prize
🧸Market Place for toys & wear
🔨Play Area with toys


Two days of Erotic Arts exploration where you get the opportunity to learn skills around erotic photography, writing and storytelling; participate in an exhibition and Ishq Map experience chambers.

This festival of the Erotic Arts will be held in Mumbai

Foot Fetish Cruise

An event for foot fetishists who want to experience different types of foot worship. The event will be hosted aboard a luxury yacht with vetted people from all genders with mutual and complimentary interests. The Adore, Pamper, Endure stations on the yacht will cover pedicure, massages, spas, licking and sucking on toes, trampling, pumping and foot rest.

Intro to Sub Space

An online workshop with prosub @thesublifeofbinks  that will cover anything from finding a Dom(me), who will own every bit of you, to communicating your wants and needs healthily.

You will learn:

  •  Acceptance: dealing with yourself, because you are not alone
  • Online communities: Fetlife, Feeld, and other platforms. How to approach these and conduct yourself?
  • Vetting people, catching fake profiles, and avoiding scams
  • First point of real-life contact: Munches. Behavior. What’s okay v/s What is not okay
  • Communication
  • Separating real life from porn
  • Play sessions and parties
  • Behavior post
  • Giving back to the community

Kink Blueprint – A Play Dating Event

A dating event for those interested in kink and its various expressions. Participants are provided scripts before the event to start getting familiar with kinky scenarios and role plays. At the venue, they first get introduced to consent, negotiation and aftercare through an educational session and later get clustered based on their sexual, gender and relationship style choices. While they wear masks they explore giving and receiving the four broad realms of Sensory Deprivation, Humiliation & Fear, Service & Care and mild Impact Play. Everyone gets selected tools and four to five people to play with in order to experience a variety of individual play. The play experience is followed by getting to know the people participants have played with. Those interested in understanding their kinks better can approach the Kink Blueprint desk at the venue.

Monogamy Disrupted 1.0 Mumbai Event

Monogamy Disrupted 1.0

Monogamy Disrupted is the introductory event for polyamorous and policurious people looking to network, date, learn and celebrate non monogamy.

All people interested in polyamory from all walks of life, gender orientations and abilities are welcome to attend. The event offers education, community building, and support resources for people new to polyamory, as well as to those who have decades of experience.

Monogamy Disrupted 1.0 hosts a mix of Poly Pros (those who have been practising for over five years) and Newbies. Poly Pros and the TIC desk are open to receive questions around jealousy, relationship structures and the different types of non-monogamy.

Monogamy Disrupted 2.0 Mumbai Event

Monogamy Disrupted 2.0

Monogamy Disrupted 2.0 is our polyamorous event with a storytelling twist. We are inviting people from the community to share their coming out and relationship stories open mic and to also perform.

There will be games to get to know other polyamorous and polycurios and opportunities to win gifs sponsored by our partners. Poly Pros (those who have been practising for over five years) and the TIC desk will offer support with questions on jealousy management and relationship structures options.

All people interested in polyamory from all walks of life, gender orientations and abilities are welcome to attend the event.

Monogamy Disrupted 3.0 – The Call for Awakening

The Call of Awakening is our attempt to help the poly community in India flourish by creating a safe space where people can let go of their inhibitions and find experts to support them, as they awaken themselves and open up to the wonders and possibilities of non-monogamous life.

From having poly-pros talking about what helped them navigate non-monogamy in the Indian context to helping new people find their footing, we’re inviting you to one of the biggest poly community events in Mumbai.

Attraction Disrupted – A Sensorial Dating Event

A dating event based on the science of attraction, or attraction through the senses of touch, smell and sound. Participants wear masks and are clustered based on their sexual, gender and relationship style choices to explore attraction through senses. Everyone gets to rate and be rated for the three senses before masks come down and participants get to see each other. Post the sensorial experience people get a chance to connect with those they matched with. If they are still attracted after seeing each other and engaging in conversations they can move on to the next phase of Soul Dating.

Kink on the Beach, Goa Event

Kink on The Beach

A kinky weekend to create curiosity and understanding of different practices that exist around the globe. The event includes four 2 hour sessions of consent, negotiation, aftercare, impact play and Shibari bondage conducted by the beach. The program has been designed for beginners and intermediate kinksters who not only want to learn new skills but also meet other kinksters from across the country. The impact play session includes floggers, slapping, whips and crops and the Shibari

Touch and Tantric Massage Event

Energetic Touch & Tantra Workshops

Energetic Touch

A session where participants start exploring physical intimacy in the energetic plane. Moving beyond reproductive organs, the workshop helps participants start witnessing and experiencing themselves energetically without actual penetration and stimulation of reproductive organs.

Objectives for the session:

  • Develop orgasmic choice and curiosity about your entire body
  • Discover new sensations and activate erotic potential
  • Learn how to have breath and energy orgasms
  • Become aware of all the orgasmic sensations that are possible
  • Understand the subtleties of pleasure


  • You will never be expected to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Sessions would be held in a dedicated private space
  • Please wear clothes that are airy and comfortable.
  • Before 3 days of the workshop please avoid alcohol or any substances that may interfere with your ability to being present.
Tantra Massage

Participants attending this workshops will learn:

  • The basic massage principles to please your partner
  • Communication for better physical intimacy
  • Massage strokes to tease and enliven their whole body
  • Massage strokes to tease and enliven erotic zones

During our 2 to 3 hour session we slow down, connect to the subtle sensations and enjoy each moment, opening to the multi-orgasmic pathways that are within the body

Kink A to Z

All you needed to know about the world of kink. This online course is crafted for you to experience your sensuality from a new angle, explore your kink, create bright emotional experiences, and celebrate your sexuality with happiness and ease.

Conducted by our kink educator Queen Algea, the two online sessions will explore physical and psychological kinks and normalise people’s experiences through shares, exercises and skills building.The two online sessions will include:

  • Negotiation, consent, aftercare
  • Basics of power dynamics
  • How to explore and understand pleasure in pain
  • How to communicate with non kinky partners

Are you a beginner?  – We will guide where to start and how to practise bdsm responsively

Are you a seasoned Kinkster?  – We will help you get out of your box & bring more juice into your kink life. The workshop will empower you to embrace your desires.

Get in touch with us to learn more

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