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Anchal Kaushal

Anchal Kaushal

Integrated Sexuality Coach


Anchal is an Integrated Sexuality coach and is passionate about  guiding women to fall in love with themselves, to become an authority of their own body and pleasure. She has been been working in the field of integrated sexuality since the past 5 years where she has learnt from teachers who are masters in Tantra, Tao and Shamanism. She is also a Certified Counsellor, Art Therapist and an ISTA Graduate.

“What I offer are tools to assist you in your inward journey towards self love, learning how to establish a deeper connection with your body, increase your pleasure capacity and in the process let go shame and judgment around your sexuality and release any trauma related to your past experiences. It is my intention to create a community of brave vulva owners who wish to deepen their relationship with their bodies and sex.”

Anchal runs a 6 weeks Orgasmic Masterclass where participants learn:

  • How to establish a relationship with your body
  • Create a safe space for yourself by understanding consent, boundaries and agreements
  • Re-write your sexual script, letting go of your conditioned belief systems around sexuality
  • Experience self pleasure beyond your mind capacity
  • Live with embodied and authentic sexuality – aligned with your innate life-force/orgasmic self