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Enthusiastic Consent & Non-Monogamy Expert


June is a queerfeminist working on the ground for LGBTQ rights. Her expertise lies in gender-sexuality and she focuses on individual dignity and equity for all. Consent is the cornerstone of her work and she believes in the Politics of Love, often saying that compassion could help the world become a better place.

“The first step is always unlearning. As Indians, we grow up in a society sick with non-consensual behaviour represented in films, television, pop culture etc. and our families and relationships often don’t allow consent to develop as a value or practice. In our interactions, we will unpack some of these hard wired responses, question some long held beliefs and behaviours and go back home feeling slightly lighter, hopefully. The goal is simple; every conversation about consent should have three outcomes: one thing you’d stop doing, one thing you’ll continue doing and one thing you’ll start doing.”