Queen Algea

Sex & Kink Educator


Queen Algea is sex and kink educator who has been in the BDSM lifestyle since 2008. Her passion in the subtleties of human sexual expression drives her to support people’s kink journeys.

She helps clients to explore their kinky side, find the sustainable way for sexual expression, and integrate BDSM into their life.

She is a Prodomme, known for her elegant way of introducing new submissives to the scene. She guides clients to unlearn social stigma and removes shame conditioning around kinky desires. She gently guides submissives into the scene, introduces to power exchange and impact play.

“BDSM is an outstanding playground and a safe space to explore yourself deeply on mental and physical level. It provides an opportunity to remove all the masks, get raw and authentic. It creates meaningful bonds full of trust, transparency, and vulnerability. I will coach clients on creating healing space to release mental blocks, emptying themselves of the shame and suppressed emotions. I will assist people in expressing their sexual energy and using it for betterment of their life and for any intention they wish to.”

Yours dearly,

Queen Algea