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For as long as I could remember I have identified as a submissive. My desire to submit began with my fetish for female feet and progressed to many other aspects as I evolved in my journey of submission. This is about my first and only formal experience with a Domme. I was around 26 when my constant roving of Alternative Lifestyle Personal website led me to the profile of one Goddess Mohini. She was a blonde Caucasian woman living in Bangalore and a lifestyle Domme who dabbled in professional domination. I learned that she was planning a trip to Mumbai. I sent her an email and didn’t expect much as I was quite disillusioned by the state of BDSM in India. I was happy to see her quick response providing me with her phone number.

Nervous as hell I called her and in my scared and nervous voice requested for an opportunity to engage with her in a session during her trip to Mumbai.

submissionHer instructions were crisp and to the point. I had to be at a city five star hotel by 10.00 a.m. The session was to be for 90 minutes. I was very excited. I had no experience of ever having a session and I looked forward to it, even though I had no idea what to expect. Her profile had pictures of her clad in leather, and wearing high heels, pictures of her whips and crops and some other toys. I was only imagining all my dreams coming true without really being sure what my dreams were.

On the appointed day I reached the hotel at 9.00 am. Yes I was one hour early because I was unable to wait. I waited in the lobby of the hotel for about 30 minutes and then chose to meet the concierge and have him call the room to let her know I was there. Of course this infuriated her and she came on the phone and said I need to wait until 10.00 so I went back to waiting until she called me up.

When I reached her room I rang the bell. I couldn’t believe this was the time. I could hear the click of her heels as she walked inside the room and my heart beat faster as I heard the footsteps approaching closer. The door opened with the restraining chain and I held my breath. Instead of letting me in, she peeped through the small opening and told me that since I had dared to disturb her half an hour before, I had to wait in the hallway right outside her door for half an hour. This would also be counted as part of the session.


I could not believe I wasted half an hour of my precious time because of my eagerness. My anticipation balloon that had just popped. Not to mention it was going to be embarrassing for me to be standing in the middle of the hallway while other guests and staff passed me by. I was so sure that the staff knew what I was there for and that I had been punished and this made me feel even worse. After about 5 minutes one of them came up to me and asked if he could help me with something. I somehow fumbled a stupid explanation about how the person I was going to meet was changing and would let me in any minutes. I wanted to disappear but at the same time didn’t want to miss my first D/S experience. After about 15 minutes Goddess Mohini opened the door and let me in.

To be continued…





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