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The Artist: Sakshi Jalan

Hi! I’m Sakshi, I split my time between working at Ogilvy and independently on projects that excite me As a multi-disciplinary designer, I focus on a variety of different areas including branding, packaging, website design, campaign, print, and more. The illustrations I put on Instagram are a form of self-expression and I love knowing that people relate to it!

Using colors and patterns comes very naturally to me and so I tend to use a lot of it in my work. You can reach me at

Intimacy by Sakshi Jalan

A burst of vibrant color and form, in the effortless doodle style, this illustration aims to explore the mechanism behind the complications and reasons of the heart, often deemed unconditional and irrational.

Intimacy by Sakshi Jalan

Intimacy: The sense of ‘home’ both emotionally and physically; a feeling of ease and honesty. This illustration manifests the cliché, “if you’re with the right person, even the hard times are easy”.



intimacy by Sakshi Jalan

Despite living in a hypersexualized society, female masturbation and orgasms are not appropriate subjects of discussion, even among girls. This illustration explores why and where this taboo stems from and aims to start a conversation about the same.


intimacy by Sakshi Jalan

The simple gesture of a kiss stirs up myriad emotions of affection and attachment. This piece depicts the warmest hue that is love, with the usage of a warm palette, abstract patterns and gripping illustration style.

Intimacy by Sakshi Jalan

It is no secret that while nobody has ever made a scientific count, more songs, literature and art have been made about love than any other subject. This type-based illustration aims to capture that formidable, yet comforting emotion through a busy array of colours and shapes, much like the emotion itself.

intimacy by Sakshi Jalan

“Very few things cannot be solved by holding hands” – Freddy Birdy Vibrant yet effortless in it’s style, this illustration explores the solace and security of the simple and essential human touch.


In an age where we have developed technology and algorithms to look for the love of our lives, this illustration finds the comfort of a real date. Neon bright, cheerful and eye catching, it embodies modern love.



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Aili Seghetti

Aili is a relationship reinvention specialist, an intimacy coach as well as the founder of The Intimacy Curator. Her expertise lies in altsex, kink lifestyles and subcultures experiences. She is a trained Somatica Method coach, a Vipassana practitioner and holds a certificate in Orientation to Psychotherapy and Facilitation.

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