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Coffee & Cream Cocktail, a simple yet romantic recipe for that perfect monsoon date. Try it out for the next date with someone or just by yourself.


  • 400ml Tia Maria or Kalhua
  • 200ml vodka, chilled
  • approx 250ml double cream
  • cocoa, for dusting

Coffee & Cream CocktailMethod

Step 1

In a cocktail shaker put ice,  Tia Maria and Vodka. Shake well

Step 2

Pour the mixture into small cocktail or liqueur glasses. Carefully pour the cream into the glasses over the back of a teaspoon so it floats on the surface of the Tia Maria and makes a separate layer. 

Step 3

Dust the cream with cocoa by shaking it through a tea strainer, and serve.

And Voila! Your Coffee & Cream Cocktail is ready! Enjoy the romantic aura!


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Mugdha Gupta

Mugdha is a mixologist and a music connoisseur who curates cocktails and playlists for special intimate occasions

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