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Paper Planes: A Poem On Unreciprocated Love with Paper planes as a medium of feelings.


paper planes 

As I fold the last piece of the paper

It turns out to be a crooked paper plane. 

It asks for a fly amidst the raindrops

Throwing it with a certain hope.  


Will it land on your side? 

Will it wake you up? 


I look up the balcony 

With no sign of you

The paper plane starts to crumble

The moist sweat gets it. 


Another paper plane 

Another day to look up the balcony. 

I walk past you. 

No sign of me in your memory. 


The paper plane lands on your feet. 

Did it wake you up? 


The hustle inside me 

As I meditate “breathe in and breathe out” 

Calls for another paper plane 

Folding it again. 


The paper plane merely touches your aura. 

Did it wake you up? 


Unsuccessful theft happened and caught. 

A glance that couldn’t be mine,

Was the treasure, 

Immeasurable one. 









As I run away from you 

As far as I can

With the last breath that I hold

I plop down as I reach the end.


Looking back seeing you as a tiny dot

A dot like a pin 

Sharp enough to burst 

Burst my existence. 


Looking down 

A paper plane in my hand

All this time. 

Crumbled and crooked. 


It never was thrown

And I hoped it would wake you up?

This crooked and soiled paper plane?

Are you awake?


I run back to my abode of past

Heavy panting 

Blurred vision 

And find a casket


Opening the casket of my memories of failure, I find hundreds of paper Planes 

Broken beaks 

Crooked flaps. 


Will it land on you?

Will it wake you up? 


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Saima is Literature Post-Graduate from University of Delhi. Her areas of interest are poetry and short stories. She mixes reality and fiction as a tool for most of her written works.

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