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Stepping into the world of kink, power-exchanges, dominance and submission, or even basic bondage can be incredibly overwhelming no matter your usual temperament or relationship with sensuality and erotic scenes.

“Where do I begin?”

“How early is too early to invest in a flogger?”

“How do I discuss my fantasy with my partner without scaring them off or coming across as indifferent to their own preferences?”

If you’re struggling with these questions, good! BDSM is a complicated headspace to navigate and express your desires in. And that’s why Sangya Project and The Intimacy Curator want to help you start small with our very own Kink Project!

What you get from The Kink Project

Stage 1- First introductions

To kick things off, we have a special email ID just for The Kink Project!

Email us with your interest or your queries at and you will speak directly with The Intimacy Curator herself, so your questions can be answered personally and with discretion. You can then book an appointment with her for one 20 minute call and will receive a quiz and a Kink spreadsheet so you can build a self-assessment before diving into the program. This stage will help you clarify your objectives and goals and gain a better understanding of what’s to come in the virtual sessions that come with Stage 2!

Stage 2- Where do your kinks come from?

Split into 2 virtual sessions, this stage will revisit your early social and sexual connections and interactions to help you understand where your desires might originate from, which ones are integral to your personality and exchanges with partners, and what dynamics you find most validation and gratification from. Here you will be acquainted with the core desires that drive you to perform and express your sexuality in ways that not only acknowledge your needs, but also encourage you to heal from past experiences!

After all, healing and catharsis can and should be found anywhere and any time! And if kinking can hold space for you to heal, you deserve to find safe ways to access it.

Stage 3- Where do you go from here?

Upon identifying your core desires and the roots of your fantasies, this stage will provide you with 3 virtual sessions– to explore physical kinks and how they feel on your skin, to explore psychological kinks and how they feel to your mind, and to combine those physical and emotional desires to flesh out your kink persona. This stage will help you visualise your ideal tools and props, your preferred scenes and dynamics, your desired outcomes from these interactions and how to assist yourself through the process of transitioning in and out of play time, so you can find a sense of balance between your everyday self and your erotic self.

Interested? Drop us an email at and let’s get you started!


20 minute call after self-assessments (individual or couple): Rs. 1000/-


For individuals

Level 1 (2 sessions for a total of 2.5 hours): Rs. 14,000/-

Level 2 (3 sessions for a total of 3.5 hours): Rs. 30,000/-

Full package (5 sessions for a total of 6 hours): Rs. 40,000/-


For couples

Level 1 (3 sessions- 2 individual, 1 combined; 1 hour each): Rs. 11,000/-

Level 2 (3 sessions- all combined; 90 minutes each): Rs. 27,000/-

Full package: Rs. 35,000/-


“Will I need to or be able to meet The Intimacy Curator in person?”

A: No, all communication and session work will be virtual.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?”

A: No, this program cannot and will not be certifying you or crediting you for any skills. This is an online program to guide you through the safety essentials of BDSM and to help you connect with your erotic self, but no coaching on specific skills or practices shall be offered.

Can I do the course with my partner/s?”

A: Yes! While each session would still provide focus on individual core desires before aiding in combined plans or strategies, you can absolutely speak with The Intimacy Curator about wanting to sign up for the program with your partner/s. However, confidentiality regarding each individual’s session will still be maintained and The Intimacy Curator will not be communicating on behalf of you or your partner/s.

Will I be introduced to other BDSM resources through this program?”

A: Yes! We are working with a collection of BDSM material in written and audiovisual formats. These will be shared as resources during your program and we will continue adding to the collection as we learn and grow with all of you too!

Aili Seghetti

Aili is a relationship reinvention specialist, an intimacy coach as well as the founder of The Intimacy Curator. Her expertise lies in altsex, kink lifestyles and subcultures experiences. She is a trained Somatica Method coach, a Vipassana practitioner and holds a certificate in Orientation to Psychotherapy and Facilitation.

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