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In today’s digital age, like-minded communities have found their place online, bringing people together to explore fascinating desires within the world of feederism. In this article, we’ll take a journey to uncover the intriguing aspects of this unique world, where the desire to gain weight is a shared passion.

The World of Feederism

“Feederism is all about celebrating ‘feedees’ who are captivated by the idea of making their bodies larger by gaining weight,” says one community member. But it’s important to know that feederism is not a one-size-fits-all experience. It welcomes people of all body shapes, sizes, and fantasies. Some are content with modest weight gain, while others dream of much larger transformations, even imagining a life where they become unhealthy or immobile. Still, most feedees make health a priority as they pursue their growth fantasies.

The Power of Imagination

At the core of feederism is the concept of “the idea of gaining weight.” Some choose to bring this idea to life, while others keep it as a mental and emotional connection to their desires. “It’s not just about the physical; it’s also about what it means to them,” explains another member.

Feederism and Diversity

Feederism shares similarities with other interests, like kink and fetish culture. Just as someone can explore certain aspects of submission without committing to it 24/7, feederism allows for diverse experiences and desires. It’s flexible, adapting to individual interests and boundaries. “Feederism is a multifaceted subculture, extending beyond the pursuit of weight gain,” says a member. It delves into psychology, emotional connections, and personal exploration. Participants are as unique as their desires, making each journey in the world of feederism a one-of-a-kind experience.

Respect and Consent

In any community, respecting personal boundaries and consent is vital. Feederism is no exception. Open communication, understanding, and respect for individual choices are key. Everyone involved consents willingly, ensuring that they’re comfortable with the dynamics of their feederism journey.

The Supportive Feederism Community

Online platforms offer a supportive space for like-minded individuals. These platforms encourage open dialogue, sharing experiences, seeking advice, and celebrating unique journeys. “From Reddit threads to dedicated websites, you’ll always find places where the community thrives,” one member notes.

Varieties of Feederism


“Stuffing” isn’t just limited to holiday feasts; it’s a fascinating experience. It centers around the act of eating itself and the immediate aftermath, often involving a feeling of fullness and sluggishness. It might seem unusual to some, but it’s an interest that captivates others.

Tracking Progress

Some feedees and gainers keep a diary of their measurements, carefully noting the size of their arms, thighs, belly, and neck. Stepping on the scales and seeing the numbers go up is a cause for celebration in the world of feederism, where weight gain is embraced.

Super Sizing

The concept of becoming “Super Sized” is often associated with feederism, typically indicating a size larger than 26. But size is a personal experience, and some feel they’ve reached their peak as feedees or gainers at any size. It doesn’t necessarily lead to immobility. Feederism allows individuals to explore their desires and fantasies at their own pace and comfort level.

Imaginary vs. Real Gaining

For some, feederism is a fantasy that plays out in their minds. This differs from those who actively engage in real-life gaining. “It’s important to recognize that participants are fully aware of the consequences and preferences regarding excessive feeding,” emphasizes a community member.

Challenges and Misconceptions

Feederism, like many subcultures, faces its fair share of challenges and misconceptions. One common misunderstanding is that it’s all about overindulgence and disregards health. In reality, many feedees prioritize their well-being and engage in their fantasies responsibly. Understanding and dispelling these misconceptions is an ongoing effort within the community.

Joining the Conversation

Feederism may seem unusual to some, but it’s a reminder that human desires are as diverse as the people who harbor them. Through open-mindedness and empathy, we can create a more inclusive and understanding world where everyone’s desires and fantasies are respected and celebrated. So, if you’re interested in learning more or have questions, don’t hesitate to join the conversation. Feederism forums, online communities, and discussion groups offer a welcoming space to explore, share, and understand this unique world.

Writer Gayathri RN

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