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“Well, that was hot”, said Tush.

“Just hot?”, smirked Tia, with her eyebrows raised as she got out of bed, naked, and walked across the room towards the kitchen.

It was supposed to be a hectic working day, but she had just taken a sick day from work on account of her nine-month virtual situationship, Tushar, showing up last night at her house unannounced to surprise her. 

It had been a welcome surprise for her, and the ear-to-ear grin plastered on her face was an evident indication of the same, thought Tush. 

The way Tia’s fingers had glided over each bump and crevice of his body just hours ago, caressing him from head to toe, sending tingles down his body, tracing his nerves like they were the yellow brick path was still fresh on his mind.

He exclaimed, gathering his thoughts and addressing Tia with his daddy voice, “Ok, not just hot but also extremely sensual and sexy, just like you, my pet”.

Tia’s grin grew wider, if that was even possible and she swayed her round big hips in a swish that seemed to express agreement as well as served as an invitation to come get some more.

Tushar’s eyes did not miss it. Tia was flirtier and naughtier in person than on the calls, thought Tushar with great excitement coursing through his body. 

Nine months of seeing her beautiful body on camera had made him take this spur-of-a-moment decision to come see her in Delhi. He had been craving her luscious lips and bountiful body for long. A long weekend due to Ganesh Puja celebrations presented itself and he took the opportunity to pin down this sexy goddess whom he had only ravished in his dreams and with his eyes on video calls. 

Tia was wearing a sheer thigh-length crepe night dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination. As if reading his thoughts and not forgoing even a single chance to tease him, Tia spilled some water on herself while getting a bottle of the same from the kitchen. From the looks of it, the material hung on to her boobs for dear life. That had to be a deliberate spill, thought Tush. But did it matter?  

Last night had been a deluge of pleasure for his senses. The downpour of her slick tongue trailing through every sensitive part of his body, from his neck to his collarbones, down the armpits to the sides of his torso, leading to the hollow of his pelvis and all the way down to his balls, had sent blood rushing and gushing from his brains down to his shaft and his balls, unmissed by her. 

She came next to him and offered him some water, saying something about hydration, but Tush barely paid any attention as her wetness glistened between her legs when it caught the sun as she split her thick thighs to sit cross-legged right next to him.

“Are you even paying attention Tush,” she chimed in, waving her hands to draw his attention up to her face from her pussy. 

“Of course, I am a pet. How could I not?”

“Then tell me what I just said?”

“You said I should hydrate to make up for all the lost fluid last night from my body,” teased Tushar. He knew she had talked about just hydrating as was her routine every morning, but he wasn’t going to let a chance to tease her go to waste. 

Tia giggled and nudged him ever so slightly, “You dog”. 

He took advantage of the opening and pretended the nudge imbalanced him and spilled even more of the water on her, soaking her to her very bones now. The material just sat there providing no coverage as such while Tia stared back at him in disbelief. 

It was his turn to grin now.

“You are such an ass!” declared Tia as she got up and headed to her wardrobe to grab a towel. “A BIG FUCKING ASS.”

Tushar was on his feet and skipped towards her so quickly with long strides as she bent towards the bottom shelf. He slapped her ass saying, “not as big as yours,” followed by a quick drumroll motion on those big bulging, now prominent bums that were facing him and looked like they were almost thrust in his face from the current angle.

What a sight! What a feeling! Video calls did no justice to these big dollops of heavenly boulders. He could spend days at a stretch playing with them, spanking and slapping them, squishing and fondling them, kissing and biting them, or even pinching and caressing them.

Tia turned and pushed Tushar on the bed wildly with a sparkling fury in her eyes. She came on top of him in a swift motion, her legs on either side of his waist, hands on his chest, “stop it, or I will…”

“You will what?”, said Tush as he grabbed her hands and rolled her over and came face to face with her. Now grabbing both her wrists in one of his hands, he stretched them above her head and looked into her eyes, “Tell me pet, or you will what?”. 

Trailing his other hand to the wet fabric over her nipple, he let her gasp a few times while he rolled his fingertip over the nipple and caressed it as if it were a careless thought. Then pinched it between his thumb and index finger in the next moment to make her suck in a deep breath and asked her, “Are you threatening me, Daddy?”

Tia stayed silent with absolute anticipation in her eyes. It was evident she wanted to see what he would do if she didn’t answer and defied him. She knew what he had said he would do, on call, a zillion times, but would he? 

“You know better than not answering, Tia”, Tushar said and attacked her now perky nipple with his teeth. He didn’t care for the flimsy fabric separating him and this pleasurable little bud of flesh. He nibbled at it and then adjusted it between his teeth firmly and gave it a tight tug. A loud squeal of pleasure broke Tia’s silence. She smiled her devilish smile at him and clearly, was asking for more!

Tushar let his free hand slide down her wet fabric-covered body, all the way to her thigh, not stopping in between. There he teased her by caressing the exposed thigh at the hem of the nightdress as his mouth now suckled at her boobs one after the other, slowly but intently. 

An immediate moan escaped Tia’s throat and she begged, “Please, Daddy, please. I want more.” 

At six feet one, Tushar was well built and Tia’s curvy plump body was just five feet three and quite easy to manoeuvre. He sat up and pulled Tia on top of him, her ass sitting on his bulge with her legs swaddling him around his waist. He held her chin and asked, “Will you let me? May I?”

A slight nod from Tia was all Tush needed and his bulge grew and pulsed. The gesture kicked his body into action. He gently lay Tia back on the bed, positioning her hands towards the iron headboard of the bed. He got up from the bed, ignored Tia’s eyes filled with disbelief at his departure, and walked towards his bag. He pulled out a pair of steel handcuffs from his bag and said to a beaming sexy goddess now spread on the bed waiting to be ravished by him., “Ready for the next course?” 


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