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“How should clients treat seggs workers?”

“Thank them and pay them double!”

There are many types of seggs work experiences and in this blog we are going to cover a very specific kind: the one-time service, or cruising.

So you’re lonely, looking for intimacy, or just in the mood for some casual seggs. You pull up to your regular cruising spot and contact or approach a seggs worker who you feel attracted to. You get together, pay them and go home. Would we consider this as a regular purchase or consumption of services? What kind of communication do you have with them? 

It’s hard to equate seggs work with other forms of labour in the service industry. While we speak of equality and dignity of labour, seggs workers often fall through the crack. seggs work is not conducted or propagated in a vacuum. Like most other industries and services, it is very much the result of a need from within society. So as consumers, the onus falls on the clients to consider seggs  as any other form of work, treat workers as professionals and be doubly appreciative of them for providing human connection which is otherwise difficult to monetize. If you’d like to know, or double check your conduct, here are 5 ways you can be an ethical client and respectfully engage with seggs workers:

Professional communication- Remember you are engaging in a transactional relationship. Be polite and courteous. Introduce yourself, exchange niceties and invest in a minute of small talk before getting intimate. Avoid abusive language during seggs. If you are into dirty talk, make sure you inform your selected worker in advance. Avoid engaging them in personal conversations, seeking advice regarding personal matters, oversharing and expecting active listening. They are not your therapist. Respect their time; do not demand longer interaction without pay, stick to the time you mutually agree upon. Before you leave, ask them if the experience was comfortable. Thank them and tip them if possible. 

Personal hygiene- Even though you are paying for your selected worker’s services, they are still a person who will be physically intimate with you. Being mindful of personal hygiene can be a way to appreciate them and goes a long way in ensuring a pleasant experience for them. This would be a respectful way to make their work day a little better and tolerable. A shower, anti-perspirant, clean clothes and undergarments, dental hygiene and clipped, clean nails will do the trick. If you use the restroom during, make sure to clean your genitals thoroughly before starting again.

Boundaries- Any form of non-consensual seggsual exchange is a criminal act. There’s no skirting around this point. If you violate the consent and boundaries of your selected worker, you are physically and mentally abusing them. This can cause them short or long term trauma, so needless to say, you are committing a crime. Be mindful, please check in with your selected worker if they feel comfortable once in a while during the session. If you want to engage in kinks, make sure to speak with your selected worker before you begin the session. Ask them if they would like to charge extra given how intense the kink is. If they hesitate, don’t just go ahead anyway. Instead, apologize for discontinuing and move on to the next available worker who would consensually engage in your kink. Just like all other services, look for the provider who is offering it. You won’t enter a taco shop and demand a Buddha bowl, would you?

Physical and mental health- It is criminal to knowingly transmit any form of STI or STDs to another person. If you are HIV positive, make sure you inform your selected worker in advance and take their consent to engage. Make sure you screen yourself for STIs and STDs every three  months. Using a condom is not the only responsibility of an ethical client. Please be mindful of your general health before physically engaging with another human being. Even if you transmit a flu to your worker, it might mean loss of paydays for them. Worse still, if they have lowered immunity it could cause them serious health issues. Make sure you aren’t suffering from skin diseases that are contaminable. Along with physical health, ensure stable mental health before you seek seggs work. Please don’t vent your frustrations, panics, meltdowns or worse still, aggression at your selected worker. This can quickly translate to abusive behaviour. They are not your punching bag.

Privacy-Your selected seggs worker is not your partner. Please do not expect any form of emotional attachment, commitment or loyalty from them, even if you are a repeat or regular customer. Please don’t confuse seggsual intimacy with emotional intimacy. If you notice romantic feelings towards your selected worker, it’s best to stop seeking their services. Once you stop engaging with them as a client, it’s okay to approach them as an acquaintance and profess your feelings. If there is mutual consent, a healthy relationship may blossom, as long as it’s no longer a professional, client-worker relationship. Avoid asking for your selected worker’s contact details, visiting them outside of their hours with you or invade their private space like phones, laptops, personal items and details.

You don’t have to bring your selected seggs worker flowers. The basic rules of ethical and mindful interaction are the same as with anybody else in your life. It’s important to remember that you are intimately engaging with another human being and they deserve your consideration and respect. Would you litter because there are people paid to clean up the streets? Would you go to your dentist with bad breath? Would you demand extra services and hours from your accountant beyond their paygrade? Would you overstay a day at a pre-paid accommodation? The thumb rule of humane, respectful customer-worker relationship is empathy. We all work hard for a living but difficult bosses and clients make it harder. Remember to spread kindness , even when no one’s watching. 

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